Ever considered others perspective?
Pondered reasons attitude rejected?
Cautious of charmers hidden objective
Unhesitating to flaunt expected!
Demeanor divulges the directive
Pretentious behavior well suspected
Flatterers honor command effective
Unbothered dedication reflected!
Discontinue perplexing subjective,
Terminate tyrannical neglected,
Obnoxious attitude pomp defective
Tantalizing folks persist protected!

Counsel! Despite esteem be collective!
Exhibit virtue, forswear affective!

Serlina Rose
🇩🇲2020©Serlina Rose🇩🇲

Stony Staircase

Walk out to ocean, this stony path way,
Folk story declare, twas a snakes by way,
Climbed from sea, wormed onto the hidden cave
Men explored and commune, the knowledge crave
This legend lives on, even to this day!

Along the horizon, dawn caught away
Rides in with glory, it’s mystic gateway
Morning shines hope on, the soul of each brave
Walk out to ocean, this stony path way.

Mist rises, the ocean hides the door way
Relish the cold evening, welcome skies grey,
The lava flow stairway, the surf well lave
Presents a view, foretell of gifts we save
The moon radiates rich, dream day can’t stay
Walk out to ocean, this stony path way!

Serlina Rose
🇩🇲2020 © Serlina Rose 🇩🇲
Instagram: @GoalChaser767

Gratitude – Rondeau

Another week has come and gone
Great blessings, this new morning dawn
Regardless aches, defeats and Doom
Breathe gratitude throughout this gloom
For life endures, hope cheers us on

Huge delight from nature live on
His virtue showed honor upon
Every creation to whom
Another week has come and gone.

Struggles and challenges, hold on
Obstacles and failures, feed on
Grow in strength, don’t let hate consume
Forgive others, love will resume
Vast or wee, gratitude lives on 
Another week has come and gone.

Serlina Rose
🇩🇲2020 © Serlina Rose 🇩🇲

Instagram: @GoalChaser767

Dream Wedding – Epithalamium Poem

A silly dream that left a smiling me
I pray it becomes a reality
But for now, reminisce on what could be.

Began as friends, turned frenemies to lovers
We’re not the same, we’re not under covers
E’ry feats, our journey discovers.

A smile, a kiss, filled me up with delight
Innocent dreams fill my night, feels so right
Flowing train, a sight to behold in white

One man, one woman, with a love that’s true
Beneath a clear, summer azure sky blue
Hearts and soul embrace in love, say I do!

Promises made, sincerely the love’s pure
To vow faithfulness, all lust to endure
Fall not for no allure, remain mature!

My waist enclosed within your tight embrace
Hold me dear, don’t let me slip from this place
Wake from this dream, an urge to see your face.

Laid back, still in bed, all felt oh so real
You walked in, smiled bright, kissed and seal the deal.

Serlina Rose


😌Sometimes in life,
you have to experience everything
to be able to determine your journey and path.😌
Being sympathetic isn’t always good.
Being caring isn’t always worth it.
Self-reliant, self Ambitious, self dependability
These traits help in achieving your goals,
Cushioning also the pain of rejection.
Being encouraging, putting yourself out there for others
Can be detrimental to your mental ability.
Growing in love, caring for another
Can be hurtful & so destructive.
You have to question yourself sometimes,
Wonder why?
Why you had to meet some people?
Why you had to care?
Why you had to share your life with them?
But that’s your life journey.
Situations and people make an impact in your life
Cherish the footprints and cherish the love
Cherish the moments and cherish the little things
Appreciate all you come across
For you never know what befalls you.
Life is a Journey, be careful how you ride along.😊


We outta sharpen our minds for greatness.
We outta be open to opportunities.
Life is hard, but it’s also filled with beauty.
The journey to greatness,
It isn’t smooth and isn’t easy.
Grab a hold of the opportunities
And make them worthwhile.
Learn all you can,
While not losing yourself.
Be all you can be,
With not losing your true essence.
Don’t let nobody stand in your path to true greatness.
Be kind-hearted, even when hurting.
Be loving, even when you’re broken.
God’s got a plan for you,
To make you whole and to fill you with
The right and just Greatness you DESERVE!
-Serlina Rose a.k.a NatureisleRoseWriting



When we hurt each other
With our words,
With our actions,
Or even with our thoughts,
It causes wounds.

Some wounds are seen,
Some are invincible,
Some wounds heal
And some leaves scars.
And some wounds
which are constantly inflicted
or opened again and again…
May never heal.

Moonlight Love

In the Shadows of a pale moonlight,
I envisioned making love beneath the starlight.
Being deeply tangled up,
with such mangled feelings
gave up and walked into your body
feeling the stirrings of being naughty.

Gently, you touch me,
and my body erupts with shivers.
Slowly and softly, you caress me,
and I can’t help but quiver.
Whispering sweet nothings
that slowly turned into all things.

Coming together in such hunger,
grew my feelings to be stronger.
The moment we kissed,
there was such bliss.
Lost to lust,
our body combust.

Holding me in your arms,
makes me feel protected and warm.
You nibbled and trace my lips,
causing my heart beats to skip.
I reach out to touch you,
while you groped and clutch me.

Pressing me to your body,
my moans reflect your groans
sweet music to my sensitive ears
that leave happy tears.
I take great leisure
in having pleasure,
in kissing you
cause I’ve been missing you.

Beneath the pale moonlight,
in my heart, was delight.

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Shunned by the people love most

Betrayed by the ones trusted fully

Everything is worth a cost

Such a painful reaction.

World is full of hatred

People full of despair

What Hurst the most

Is lack of loyalty.

Why should i trust?

When all is lost?

Why should I care?

When all i do is fear?

Time passes

Personalities displayed

Experiences shaped me into what I am

I feel nothing and care even less.